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Engage Clients with Attractive and Functional Website Design

When you are mounting an effective online-marketing campaign, it's critical that you pay attention to website design—not just what your site looks like, but how it functions. You can have the best SEO campaign on the planet, but if your website isn't well-designed, your visitors won't stay. In fact, studies confirm that nearly half of all web visitors hit the back button or simply close a browser if it takes more than three seconds to load.

At GetLegal, we've spent years researching all the factors that optimize user experience on a website. We work hard to stay current with all new technologies and trends, so that our customers stay ahead of the curve. To learn more or obtain a free audit of your existing online-marketing campaign, contact our office online or call us at 817-359-7030.


Design That Gets You Noticed!

You want a website design the makes an immediate and unique impression, one that highlights your professionalism and practice. Our experienced designers use proven design elements to help you stand out from the crowd.

Design That Responds to the Needs of Your Website Visitors

You want design that's tailored to your potential visitors, whether they are searching on a mobile device, laptop, tablet or desktop computer. We have the skill, knowledge and expertise to build cross-functionality, including state-of-the-art mobile strategies, so that any visitor will be able to easily navigate your site and contact you.


Design Integrates with Your Overall Marketing Strategies

Your website design functions best when it's an integral component of a well-conceived and properly-executed marketing solution. Our designers are part of a team—we work closely with experienced writers and SEO consultants to ensure the best synergy for your overall marketing campaign. To learn more, see our broad spectrum of online-marketing solutions for legal professionals.

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